Thursday, April 9, 2009

Damn You Fox! Help Save Dollhouse

Sad news today, it looks like Dollhouse is really close to being canceled. I don't think it is official yet but they have already announced that only 12 of 13 episodes will be airing. In even sadder news, my love Felicia Day has a part in episode 13 which will not be airing but will be on the DVD set. Which you can already pre-order on Amazon. Apparently the show is in the decision phase meaning we can help influence this. (link)

Since I am not a hundred percent sure that Dollhouse is canceled here are 3 ways in which we might be able to save the show.

1. Catch up on Hulu and invite your friends to do the same. (link)
2. Let fox know how you feel. Try reaching them on twitter
3. Pre-order the DVD on Amazon