Thursday, April 2, 2009

My New Obsession: Supernatural

When this show first came out I avoided it due to the fact that it was running on the CW and it debuted around the same time as all these teen shows. I thought it was going to be another teen show with some kind of supernatural theme and I didn't want to see another Smallville.

One night about a month ago while waiting for a friend my tv for whatever reason was turned to the CW and one of the latest Supernatural episodes was running. I only saw a good 10 minutes but I instantly fell in love. It looked dark and there seemed to be Angels and Demons fighting over one of the main characters. My interest was peaked and I quickly got the enter seasons on DVD.

The show is seriously amazing! I would liken it to Spawn or the world that is the Darkness and Witchblade. There is a mythology and good and evil fighting for souls and the world. The best part is that the main characters Dean and Sam seem to be fighting both. It is also extremely dark and at time gory.

I just finished the 2nd season and look forward to seeing the next season. If your a fan of Spawn I highly suggest giving the show a chance.

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