Thursday, April 2, 2009

Star Trek Continuity & JJ Abrams

I have been reading the Star Trek Countdown comics which continue right after Nemesis and serve as the prequel to the new Star Trek Motion Picture. The comic is great but it also reminds me of my love hate relationship with JJ Abrams. If you have not read them yet be warned there are spoilers ahead.

I just don't understand why Abrams couldn't stick to canon, there have been so many amazing books since Nemesis that tell the aftermath of Nemesis, so I don't understand why he couldn't just stick with that. Instead he had to go and create his own. The worst part is I kind of like it and can see why he might have done it. In Abram's post Nemesis world Data has been successfully downloaded to B4 and he is now captain of the Enterprise. Maybe this was Abrams way of making peace with Star Trek fans but it left me feeling so conflicted. I loved the idea of Data being back from the dead and as Captain of the Enterprise but what about all the countless books that have been written in which Data is not alive.

Damn you Abrams, I should have just skipped the countdown comics.

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