Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Torchwood Reviews Agree: "Children of Earth" is a Hit!


I am so happy to read all the glowing reviews here in the United States on the new Torchwood mini series. We have such a huge sci fi community in the United States and unfortunately most are unaware of the brilliance of Doctor Who and Torchwood. The mini series "Children of Earth" is already being seen as sheer genius and hopefully will serve as a gateway into the Doctor Who universe which will undoubtfully help the 11th Doctor.

Check out some of these reviews:
  • "Torchwood Day One Packs More Punch Than Season One" io9.com
  • "..the awesomeness of "Children of Earth." nj.com
  • "Children of Earth feels like an unusual gift – five nights of strong acting, humor, drama and writing that's about some very high stakes and that wants to challenge our brains" Dallasnews.com
  • "For months now, I’ve been hearing the hype about Torchwood Children of Earth. ‘Torchwood: Children of the Earth’: in a word? Awesome’, ‘Nothing seen from two seasons of Torchwood comes close,’ ‘As good as “Torchwood” has been, it’s never been this good.’" SFUniverse.com

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