Monday, November 30, 2009

Never Aired Alternative Star Trek pilot episode (#3) - Available Dec 15th! "A probe out into where no man has gone before"


Imagine if the Star Trek crew's mission was to "probe out into where no man has gone before."

Full Article with spoilers and details

Some alternate-version clips that have already been circulated are in the attached video below:


  1. Sorry; I ain't buying this - There is too much documented of how, what and when ST originated. Gene himself NEVER mentioned it. Even if this never made it out of the editing room, someone (one of the editors or producers) would have made it part of the record (at least mentioned it's existence). Suspicious timing too.

  2. umm, this is an actual episode, 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' where Gary Mitchell & a nurse, Susan something I believe, get psychic abilities and have to be stranded. This isn't new, it's on TV all the time with the regular Star Trek reruns. Yes, it's the first one with Kirk, and but there's nothing new here - well, other than that this is unfinished footage not the actual episode footage.

  3. Yes, it's the same episode, but this version was the "studio cut" shown only to NBC execs and other limited audiences. It ran a little longer than a regular episode, so the monologue and several corridor shots were cut. The opening and closing credits and music were also revised to match those of the regular series. Each act began with a super (e.g., "Act I"), which was a convention often used in that era, particularly by "Quinn Martin" shows like the FBI and The Fugitive.