Thursday, November 19, 2009

Leonard Nimoy has only one more Fringe Episode - and Observers tonight!

From Sci Fi Wire: Leonard Nimoy talks about his Fringe contract, and how he is only scheduled to be in one more episode:

"We agreed that I would do three episodes," he said. "I have filmed three. Two have been on the air. One will be airing sometime in the near future, and that's the extent of my commitment so far. I think the work that I did served a very important purpose, which was to explain the alternate side and what the major problem could potentially be."

I really enjoyed seeing Nimoy play William Bell, the mysterious founder of Massive Dynamics. Hopefully the last episode with him is a well written one!

Tonight's episode should be good - it'll finally explain some questions about the Observers. I personally think the Observers are good guys, so it'll be interesting to see what's explained tonight.

Preview of tonight's episode:

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