Monday, November 30, 2009

QUIZ - 10 Awesome Science Fiction Audio Quotes


Here is a cool sci-fi audio quiz with quotes taken from famous scifi movies (and 1 tv clip). Can you guess them all!

Answers - Click Here (Don't look until you've played the clip below!


  1. 1: Firefly (Adam Baldwin)
    2: Independence Day (Will Smith)
    3: MIB (Will Smith)
    4: One of the Back to the Futures?
    5: H2G2 (whoever played Marvyn)
    6: ?
    7: ?
    8: The Matrix (Laurence Fishbourne)
    9: I recognise this, but just can't bring it to mind!
    10: Total Recall (Arnie)

  2. 1. Serenity - Jayne (Adam Baldwin)

    2. Independance Day - Capt Steven Hiller (Will Smith)

    3. Men in Black - Agent J - Will SMith

    4. Back To The Future - Doc Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd)

    5. Hitch Hikers Guide... - Marvin the Paranoid Android (Alan Rickman)

    6. Galaxy Quest - Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen)

    7. ?? - I'm thinking it's from an episode of Firefly...

    8. The Matrix - Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne)

    9. Aliens - Hudson (Bill paxton)

    10.Terminator - the Terminator (Arnold Scwartzenegger)

  3. 7 sounds an awful lot like the doomed character Tracy from the Firefly episode "The Message." He was shot and dying, and he died reciting that line about "if you can't run, you walk ..."

    I never heard of 6, but Stunned Can Taff got the rest before I did.

  4. 1. (ashamdedly, I didn't know this until I looked at the comments)
    2. Independence Day
    3. MiB
    4. Back to the Future (Don't know if it's from the end of 1 or the beginning of 2, since I know 2 was a reshoot)
    5. Hitchhiker's Guide
    6. Galaxy Quest (Alan Rickman can do any movie!)
    7. Wanna say Starship Troopers? Doesn't the CO kill him immediately or something?
    8. The Matrix
    9. ?
    10. Terminator

  5. Pretty good guesses here!

    The full answers are here:

    And I just posted a new quiz - villains this time!