Thursday, December 31, 2009

Star Trek the original series Wetsuits?


Star Trek wetsuits. Yes, they are real; and they're actually for sale!

Starting at $470, you can swim the deep blue sea in a Star Trek wetsuit.

Recommendation: Don't buy the red suit. The guys that wear them typically die quickly, and I've heard that sharks love that color too.

Link: Star Trek Wetsuits

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson also Knighted


We reported recently that Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) was to be knighted, well now it's Peter Jackson's turn.

"Jackson, 53, was knighted in New Zealand, his native land and the filming location for the trilogy, which collected 17 Academy Awards. The New Zealand award is approved by the queen, the country's head of state."

Famous for directing the Lord of the Rings movies, Jackson is currently working on the Hobbit movie.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Adidas making an original Star Wars shoe collection for 2010!


Guys usually don't care too much about their shoes, as long as they're comfortable. Well, Adidas is trying to mix that up by appealing straight to our geek hearts with some of the most awesome shoes I've ever seen.


These aren't like the kid ones with little logos on them, these are very creatively made and really, really cool. They're releasing them in 2010, but I'm sure we'll all know when they do get released. There are 10 different types, so check them out by visiting the full collection.

Full Adidas Star Wars collection:

Avatar and Star Trek are Flixster's top two 2009 movies

Share has released the list of the top movies of 2009, and the top two are science fiction movies!

According to Flixster users, the 10 best movies of 2009 were:
  1. Avatar (92% positive)
  2. Star Trek (91%)
  3. The Blind Side (90%)
  4. Up in the Air (88%)
  5. Inglourious Basterds (87%)
  6. The Hangover (87%)
  7. Zombieland (87%)
  8. Up (86%)
  9. Michael Jackson's This Is It (85%)
  10. Taken and I Can Do Bad All By Myself (tie, 83%)
Having seen both of them, I definitely agree that they were both top movies of 2009!

Source: SciFiWire

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Own a Back To The Future DeLorean - only $89,000 on Ebay!

Someone who apparently has a lot of extra time and money on his hands built and is now selling on Ebay, "the most screen accurate Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine replica to ever appear on eBay."

With a look at the photos, I'm amazed at the level of detail put into the car!

Features include:
  • Built on a beautiful, super-clean, stock 1981 5-speed manual transmission DMC-12 with over $16,000 of mechanical work and upgrades performed at DMC California in September of 2008. Approx. 78K miles on vehicle.
  • Programmable time circuits which function just like those in the film.
  • Functioning digital speedometer on the dashboard (reads actual vehicle speed). 
  • Main Time Circuit switch functions just like in the film, with all sound effects. 
  • All interior indicators and switches light up, just like in the film, 
  • Sound effects for door openings. 
  • Includes “Plutonium rods,” which can be loaded in to the “reactor” on the rear of car, just like in the film. 
  • Exterior flux band lighting 
  • Custom “95 MPH” in-dash speedometer like the one mocked up for the film. The stock Delorean speedometer only goes up to 85MPH. 
  • Screen-accurate “OUTATIME” metal-stamped license plate with 1986 registration tag. 
  • Eagle Goodyear GT tires, as seen in the film (not pictured).

And what a deal: it'll only cost you $89,000!

If you have that much to spend on a movie-replica car, here's the auction link [link]. The auction link also has more photos!

Just remember that you need to get up to 88 miles per hour

Monday, December 28, 2009

Who are the Masters of Science Fiction from this past decade?


Stephanie Fox has created a chart showing who were (in her opinion) the "True Masters" of scifi for io9.

Some of the guys at the top were: Peter Jackson (around 2002), Andrew Stanton (2005), and James Cameron (2009).

It's definitely an interesting chart to see who had a lot of influence in the scifi world over the past decade, and I enjoy seeing how the transition has got us to the present state.

See full chart and the detailed breakdown at:
io9: Chart Reveals Who The True Masters Of Science Fiction Were This Decade

Water, the final frontier? Swimming remote controled model of USS Enterprise, Voyager, and Millenium Falcon


I remember having remote control boats that floated, but they never did anything like these amazing underwater models do. These look like custom hobby creations by fans in Japan, so I doubt there will be a kit anytime soon.


USS.VOYAGER and Millennium Falcon

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Leonard Nimoy to star in Star Trek Online


For fans of MMORPGs, Leonard Nimoy will join Zachary Quinto as voice actors in the multiplayer game, Star Trek Online. Nimoy will be featured in the game's introduction along with key scenes and in-game events.

Nimoy was quoted saying, "I am happy to be involved with Star Trek Online. In this game, the essence of Star Trek -- exploration and adventure -- lives long and prospers. I'm pleased that a whole new generation of fans will be able to discover new frontiers in the Star Trek universe."

Bringing in the famous voices to the online game is a pretty awesome thing to do. Anyone play Star Trek Online? If so what do you think of it?

I could listen to his voice all day if it was in a game. Too bad he's not a main in-game narrator throughout the whole thing.

Darth Vader opens Wall Street today! The economy trembles.


Is the Dark Side to blame for our economy? Check out the video below - I think the evidence is pretty clear that Darth has been at work, possibly partnering with the banks to get us into our mess.

I totally hoped I'd see Luke or Obi-Wan pop out with a light saber and have the two battle it out on the stock market floor.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Avatar beats December opening record with $77.3M domestic, $159 million outside the US!


Source NY Times: Avatar did break the December domestic opening record! With $77.3 million in box-office sales over the weekend, the movie narrowly beat the previous December opening record, held by 2007's "I Am Legend." Snow in the East Coast prevented moviegoers from going to theaters, which hurt the opening sales.

The movie has not been released to Japan or China yet, so the total box-office sales will only continue to increase. James Cameron still has a bit to go until he recovers the $460 million cost to produce and market the movie, but I think the movie will do fine. It was a great experience, even though the story was mediocre, it's still highly recommended to see!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Captain Picard to be Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II


SciFi Wire is reporting that Star Trek's Patrick Steward will be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. So I guess it's now Sir Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Some of our favorite Capt. Picard lines ever!

The line must be drawn here! This far, no farther!

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Picard to Enterprise..Engergize!

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While we are talking about Captain Picard it reminds me of my favorite Star Trek Episode Inner Light when Captain Picard learns to play the flute

star trek - inner light

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Dan O'Bannon, Alien screenwriter, dead at 63

Sci Fi Wire reports: "Dan O'Bannon, the veteran screenwriter, director, special-effects technician and occasional actor whose works contributed to several major sci-fi/horror franchises, has died at 63.

O'Bannon was of course best known for scripting Alien, the classic gothic sci-fi thriller that went on to spawn video games, comics, licensed novels and multiple sequels, ultimately including crossovers with that other murderous alien species, the Predator."

Dan's Accomplishments include:
  • visual-effects technician on George Lucas's Star Wars (1977) 
  • creation of the Aliens
  • wrote screenplays for John Badham's Blue Thunder (1983), an action movie that set Roy Scheider against Malcolm McDowell in helicopter battle above the streets of L.A., 
  • wrote Tobe Hooper's Lifeforce (1985), a notorious bomb, of which he said, "Tobe Hooper at the helm ... is approximately like having Bozo the Clown at the helm."
  • wrote and directed Return of the Living Dead (1985).
  • screenplay for Total Recall (1990), an extremely loose adaptation of Philip K. Dick's "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale" that sent Arnold Schwarzenegger to Mars, where the future Governator fought mutants, Ronny Cox and his own deceptive memories.
  • other screenplays include the horror movie Dead and Buried (1981), sections of the animated Heavy Metal (1981), the remake of Invaders From Mars (1986) and Screamers (1997).
None of his works have been produced since the time Screamers was produced, but his legacy still lives on with the Aliens world.

Avatar Cast Interview [Video/Audio] James Cameron, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana

SciFiWire got an exclusive interview with the cast and director of Avatar.

The audio and video are below. It's like a trailer + interview, so there aren't any spoilers, but still a little new information.

"Director James Cameron and the cast of Avatar reveal a few new secrets to us about the epic sci-fi movie in these exclusive video interviews from London.

Sam Worthington talks about creating the performance of his computer-generated character and Zoe Saldana demonstrates her Na'vi language skills."

Avatar opened today.



Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Doctor Who Interview (The End Of Time) Interview #2


Can't wait for the last two episodes but at the same time so sad that David Tennant will be leaving. Check out the latest interview. David talks about coming to the realization that this is the end for him as the Doctor.

End Of Time Interview

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Fringe to air alongside House on Monday timeslot in January

FutonCritic reports: "Network sources have confirmed to the site exclusively that an original installment of the second-year series will follow a new "House" on Monday, January 11.

Said pair will face off against the time period premieres of "Chuck" and "Heroes" on NBC as well as fresh installments of CBS's comedies and week two of "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" on ABC."

It looks like Fox actually thinks Fringe is worth putting weight behind! (or it's just putting the show up against the competition's scifi - that's more likely)

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Study: Star Trek prevents females from becoming Computer Scientists?


Does Star Trek really turn women away from computer science?! I don't think so, but scientists claim otherwise.

According to the startling news article: "New research published in the December Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that the stereotype of computer scientists as unwashed nerds may be partially responsible for the dearth of women in the field, as shown by National Science Foundation statistics."

"Cheryan and colleagues tested this idea by alternately decorating a computer science classroom with objects that earlier surveys pegged as stereotypically geeky—Star Trek posters, videogames and comic books — or with objects that the surveys found to be neutral— coffee mugs, plants and art posters. Thirty-nine college students spent a few minutes in the room, then filled out a questionnaire on their attitudes toward computer science.

Women who spent time in the geeky room reported less interest in computer science than women who saw the neutral room. For male students, however, the room’s d├ęcor made no difference."

If we have readers who are female computer scientists, can you confirm/deny this - or comment about the findings?

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Iron Man 2 Trailer

Facebook and Twitter followers got the news of this earlier this morning. I'm just getting to posting it on the blog, so following the social accounts can get you news quicker!

I Am Iron Man

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Need a Christmas gift idea? How about a DIY Spock Monkey


Still need to get that special someone a gift?

Buy a do-it-yourself Spock Monkey kit! Now, this isn't meant to disrespect Spock, but to share a little home-made love during Christmas. I think it's awesome. Not sure I'd have the skills to make one myself though.

Kit available via ETSY [link] As of right now, there's only 2 left too.

Live Long & Prosper

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Millenium Falcon Bed = AWESOME!

Kayla Kromer, creator of the famous "Hamburger Bed" has revealed her newest creation - a MILLENNIUM FALCON BED! I'll let these pictures speak for themselves. Unfortunately, it's a one of a kind and you can't buy it, but we can dream, right?

The only thing the bed is missing is some sound effects (like the Millenium Falcon taking off. Imagine that being your alarm clock in the morning!

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More pictures are posted on her public Facebook photo gallery [link]