Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ABC cuts V, FlashForward episode (one from each)

According to, both V and Flashforward have been cut one of their slated episodes for the 2010 season. The ratings for 2009 weren't as good as ABC was hoping for, but it sounds like they would have cut more if the shows had received worse ratings.

Source: [link]


  1. Despite what is rumored to be almost a halfhearted effort, Flash-Forward has never achieved the quality of other soaps like All My Children or Days Of Our Lives in terms of writing and acting, which would explain the ratings drop. The good news is that the law of soap opera applies: you can skip episodes without feeling like you missed anything.

  2. @Anonymous: Maybe this will motivate them to push beyond the almost halfhearted effort and achieve a full halfhearted effort. Only time will tell.