Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Joss Whedon recruits Amy Acker (Angel, Dollhouse) for part in Cabin in the Woods

Amy Acker, probably known most for her role in Angel and recent role in Dollhouse, has a role in Joss Whedon's new 3D horror movie, The Cabin In The Woods. Whedon produced and co-wrote the script.

Joss Whedon is known for frequently recasting his characters, to the delight of many fans who have seen the actors in their other Joss favorites. Amy Acker, told SciFiWire recently that she jumped at the chance to be in the movie.

"That was another kind of lucky thing," Acker said in the interview. "They hadn't found someone, and it was just a couple of days before shooting, so they asked me to go do Cabin in the Woods. Drew is just so awesome, and, of course, Joss is one of my best friends. Any opportunity, I always am like, 'I'll do catering. I don't care. Just let me hang out with you guys.'"

Acker talked about her role without any spoilers: "It's a smaller role, but I was out there for three weeks of it," she said.

The Cabin in the Woods opens in theaters on Jan.14, 2011.

Source: SciFiWire

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