Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Firefly's Kaylee (Jewel Staite) will (guest?) star on Warehouse 13

Do you miss seeing the adorable Jewel Staite on TV? Jewel just tweeted from her Twitter Account that she will be filling in a role on Warehouse 13!

@JewelStaite Got offered a lovely role on Warehouse 13. Wish I could tell you more. All I can say is, you Browncoats are gonna freak.

Exciting news? Definitely! It'll be exciting to see exactly what role this will be, but I see her personality fitting well with the show and current crew.

Let's hope it's not just a special guest on one episode!


  1. I was already stoked about the return of Warehouse 13 not I am ecstatic!
    btw: She was great on Startgate Atlantis also!

  2. Can't wait for the new season and this just makes it even more better than good!