Monday, March 1, 2010

James Cameron doesn't want next movie to be called "Avatar 2", offers different title.

via SciFiWire: "Certainly I don't want to call it Avatar 2," Cameron said at the Visual Effects Society Awards ceremony in Century City, Calif., on Sunday, where he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. "He's not an avatar anymore, is he? Maybe we'll call it Na'vi."

It makes sense to me, although from a marketing standpoint you already have everything set with Avatar already. Maybe instead they could name it "Avatar 2: Rise of the Na'vi"? Sounds similar to how Hollywood has been naming their movies as of late.

Cameron went on to talk about the angle of the new movie, putting more weight on the culture by saying, "I think we can see that there's a greater receptivity to it on the part of the audience than certainly the studio originally imagined. We pared back on it a fair bit in the first film, and I think we can go farther in that direction and not alienate people."

What do you think they should name the next Avatar?

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