Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chart graphs the animal movie possibilities SyFy can make! [parody chart]

If you haven't been following the @ScifiGeeks Twitter account, you haven't heard the recent joking that has been taking place at SyFy's expense. The "scifi" channel has been coming out with all sorts of BAD movies, like giant shark-octopus creatures that eat people... something like that.

Myself (and other true scifi fans) haven't been paying attention to these movies, but today, SciFi Wire, one of the blogs for SyFy posted the chart to the left - laying out all the possibilities that SyFy can make movies of.
I was confused for a second... SyFy's OWN BLOG is making fun of the movies that the channel is making?! What exactly is going on over there? Are they TRYING to make SyFy a laughing stock? 

CLICK the picture for the full chart!

What do you think?

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