Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fox has decided NOT to pursue a U.S. version of the UK cult hit Torchwood. The show is saved!

FOX, the station known for killing awesome scifi shows is NOT going to be making a US Torchwood spinoff!

This is great news for Torchwood fans. reports:
The network was developing a stateside version of the "Doctor Who" spinoff, a prospect which divided fans.

“BBC Worldwide Productions and the FOX Broadcasting Company have mutually agreed not to progress together with a 13-episode serialized 'Torchwood' format," said BBC Worldwide in a statement. "We are currently in discussion with several interested networks.”

As to that last part, BBC Worldwide executive vp of programming and production Jane Tranter reiterated that a U.S. version was still making progress.
"It's very much ongoing and very much alive," Tranter said.
Also, fans shouldn't hope for/worry about a U.S. edition "Doctor Who," whose recent season premiere just set a ratings record on BBC America.

"It may well be confusing to have a British Doctor and an American Doctor at the same time," she said. "There is only one Doctor, so I don't see that happening."

Let's hope a proper channel can pick this up instead!

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