Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST - the end is near! Collection of LOST movies/graphics

Tonight is the culmination of 6 years of television in which a show entertained, amused, humored, and freaking drove us crazy the whole time.

It's crazy how a show can be so entertaining, yet not tell you exactly what's going on. The show is titled "LOST" after all. If the viewers weren't LOST, I'd almost feel let down, because the show didn't live up to the title.

I've included in this post a bunch of my favorite LOST graphics and movies.  It's a nice trip through memory lane.

PS: I'm excited for tonight's finale, and will be tweeting my reactions during the show (Pacific time) SPOILER FREE. The tweets will just be emoticon reactions (so if you don't want to see those, as well as a million other spoilers, stay off the internet tonight! lol).

There were many early attempts to map out the island based on the show's description of locations and maps provided. was the site that had the best maps of it's time. I'm sure there are more recent maps, but I remember when this map was complete. Oh memories...

LOST - re-enacted by cats in 1 minute:

Recent video from Jimmy Kimmel - LOST with unnessecary sensorship. :D

A Great fan-made promo trailer for the finale!

There are a lot more than just this, but all I have time for right now. What are your favorite LOST moments and past pop-culture LOST references from the past 6 years?

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