Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guest Blog: SyFy's Summer Line-up Review [Syfy Needs Scifi: Day 3]

Today's post in this week's special focus is another post from @Scifigeek follower @webdive master.

Today's topic: SyFy's Summer Line-up Review

Well, the decline of Science Fiction as it exists has continued, as exhibited by the programs and reviews of SyFy for the Summer TV line-up.

Let's start off with stating that even though Tuesday nights show an often extra hour of Wrestling being placed on the schedule (despite much ridicule on the and net) they did NOT have the audacity (that we know of) to add the new show 'Half Pint Brawlers' that appears on the Spike network now.

BBC-A is almost a better Sci-Fi source of late than SyFy. SciFiWire did review 'Ashes to Ashes' and 'Doctor Who'. There are also a good number of days when SyFy is airing creature feature reruns that BBC-A is running marathons of Primeval, Torchwood, and Doctor Who.

The SciFiWire then digresses into the pits of despair, as it reviewed 'Ghost Hunter's Academy' (purely only Sci-Fi for those yet too immature to realize that Ghosts and Monsters under the bed are the fantasy of children). In this same 'pseudo-sci' drivel category is a new entry in SyFy's line-up, being 'Mary Know's Best', purely not a retooling of 'Father Know's Best'. This program belongs on the WE with all the reruns of Medium and Ghost Whisperer a gal can handle.

The real staples of any viewer's SyFy viewing were mentioned. These include SGU, which is finishing it's mini season 6/11, Merlin, which will also draw to it’s summer close, Programs starting new seasons are Eureka, and Warehouse-13. Sanctuary has been filming, but must be fall before re-appearing on the screen. Sad that these are the only reasons to watch the channel any longer.

SyFy's diluted view of what really makes up the genre is yet enhanced in their other reviews. Such as Burn Notice - while being a great program, it has no real SF background, but nice it include the sister station USA's program. Of course, they then should have included Royal Pains, and White Collar. They also did mention Covert Affairs, which has a SF link in the appearance of Jake 2.0 actor Gorham, but otherwise is just a new action series for USA.

The Pseudo-Sci drivel gets a kick in the pants by making a CSI style program about the investigation of phenomenon to 'disprove' that these ghosts and creatures hunted in Destination Falsehood exist, but the real question is this...???? "Why do we need a program to disprove that which we already know to be false?"

Other programs get reviewed, but basically, nothing to do with real Science Fiction.

Makes one wonder, though, with these programs being bought up on SyFy... Can I pitch them one about the disappearance of the real Science Fiction Genre from TV screens at the hands of SyFy??
-kh, @webdivemaster

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