Friday, September 17, 2010

SyFy did not Kill the SF Genre (But it is digging the grave!)

This post is another guest post by Twitter user Keith, aka @webdivemaster. This post is Keith's Commentary.

Science Fiction used to be a great hallmark for television viewers in one form or another, but in recent times has seen a steady decline in quality and durability in the markets, making it seem as though the purer form of the genre has been buried at last.

Only 5 years ago one could see many of the best and worst of Science Fiction over the span of months, to include the likes of many of the best classics.

Classics... Yes, the genre includes such programs as Twilight Zone, and Outer Limits, but unless you were born in the newest millennium, you have probably had the chance to see these episodes at least twice, and probably have seen a lot of them if you were born in this millennium. Lets get to the root of the genres' classics, big and small...